Per the Bylaws of WIGS, the Society has four elected officers, that serve a one-year term, and nine Board of Directors, appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Officers and Board of Directors for 2018
President Jackie Vannice
Vice President Barbara Green
Secretary TBD
Treasurer Joyce Boster
Membership Judy Wagner
Programs/Publicity Bobby O'Neal, Programs
Barbara Green and Janis Keough, Publicity
Publications John Richter
Library Bob Keough
Ways And Means Charlotte Santos
Historian Jeanan Richter
Education and Trips Pat Gardner
Parliamentarian Betty Leitch
Research TBD
Committee Chairs
Audit TBD
Sound Dave Flomerfelt
Elections TBD
Webmaster Janis Keough
Refreshments Eleanore Grieg

Officer Job Descriptions

A printable pdf format file of the organization's job descriptions can be found by clicking here.

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