2021 Story of the Month Challenge

Have you written your life story or have you wanted to but never got started or maybe started but haven't done as much as you would like to do? It may seem overwhelming or you may think "where do I start?" or "that's too big a project" or "I don't have time." WIGS would like to challenge you to write or record one story from your life each month this year. If you do just one short or any length story each month, you will have 12 stories at the end of the year to share with your family and/or friends and to include with your family history.

WIGS has had many speakers who have given presentations about writing your life story. There are many ways to do this. We would like to encourage you to do this in whatever form you would like to use. WIGS will suggest some topics each month. Choose one of these or a topic of your choice. During or at the end of the year you may have an opportunity to share one of your stories. Last month at our December meeting we heard some very interesting stories from some of our members. We would like to hear more stories next December.

Topic ideas for January:

Your stories can be made into books on Amazon and other internet sites or included in a notebook or journal or on a digital device or in Stories on Ancestry, Biography on My Heritage, Memories on FamilySearch, etc. There are professional writers and websites that will do it for you. There's an internet company that sends out weekly ideas and at the end of the year puts all the stories into a book. Spokenbiography.com and storyworth.com are two websites that help you do your stories. Lots of options are available.

Let's get started and challenge ourselves to write or record some of our life stories this year.

Topic ideas for February:

In January I mentioned that there are professional writers and websites that will write or record your story and publish a book for you. They charge various fees, usually a reasonable amount. Recently, I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a company in London, England, that will record interviews with you, write your life stories, and publish them in a book. They had 4 levels that you could choose from depending on the number of interviews and number and quality of books. The fees were $12,000 to $25,000 but could be paid in installments. I was amazed and thought you might find this interesting.

Let's write or record our own stories this year. My first story is a list of the orchestras (17 that I can remember) I have played in and the names of the conductors since I started violin lessons in elementary school.

Story ideas for March: Random topics that might be fun or interesting

It's time to write another story for your family history. Don't put it off. You can find time to do this. You and your family will appreciate having stories that you wrote. It's fun to record and share our memories.

The WIGS Board Members hope that you will take the challenge to write some stories from your life this year and perhaps share some of them at our December meeting. Our stories help us connect with each other and bring us together. It's not too late to start writing or recording some of your life stories as part of WIGS' Story of the Month Challenge. Here are a few ideas for the month of April.

April Story Ideas:

May Story Ideas:

Here are some more random ideas to write about and include in your life story. You may choose to write a few sentences, a few paragraphs or more depending on how much you would like to include. Each story you write will help decode the dash for those who read your stories. May your dash be long and not be followed by a year for a very long time.

Here are some story ideas for June. Let's challenge ourselves to write at least one story this month.

Story of the Month Ideas for July.

Let's take a little time this month to write or record another story for our family history. Here are a few ideas for August.

Let's continue (or get started) to write stories for our family history. I think it's fun to remember and write about happenings in our lives that we haven't thought about recently. Here are some ideas for stories to write in September.

Let's remember something fun we have done during the month of October and write or record a story about it.

It's the beginning of November already and time to write another story or write your first one. WIGS' members would like to hear one of your stories at our December in-person meeting. Here are some topic ideas.

December is here, and it's my favorite time of year. Here are some topic ideas for you to write another story or to write your first one.